Guide to Good Camping

Guides for Good Camping

VISITORS: ANYONE not registered with you at time of check in is a visitor and needs to register in our office BEFORE going into the campground. Fees apply. Campers are responsible for their guests. Visitor hours are 9AM till 10 PM. Please ask your visitors ONLY to park in the visitor parking area. Any visitor who leaves within an hour will be eligible for full refund of the visitor’s fee. No visitor’s pets allowed.

QUIET TIME: 10pm to 8am. However you should be considerate of your neighbors at all times. If your neighbor is too noisy, tell them about it nicely. If that does not work, tell us about it nicely. Call us on the night phone or from your cell phone 518-946-7733.

CHECK OUT TIMES: Rooms, Cottages, and Cabins 11:00am, Campsites are 11:30 am.  Late checkout/early check in might be available if arranged in advance. Fees apply.

VEHICLES: only one camping unit and one vehicle per site. Additional vehicles must park in the designated parking areas and pay additional fees. No washing of RVs or vehicles within park. Please no vehicle maintenance, driving over 5mph, or unnecessary driving in the park. Only licensed drivers operating insured vehicles.

SKATEBOARDING, SCOOTERS or ROLLERBLADING: Prohibited on our property due to insurance regulations.

FIRES & FIREWOOD: Firewood can be purchased at the store. Our trees are precious to us and our future. Even dead or broken branches are important to the ecology of the Adirondacks and should be left alone. DO NOT CUT OR CHOP ANY TREE, DEAD OR ALIVE. No gathering of firewood. $100+ fine for any damage to trees. Make fires inside fireplaces ONLY! Do not move the fire ring. Fire height reasonalble (knee high or lower). All fires must be extinguished before retiring.

Buy it where you burn it!  In compliance with New York State Department of Environmental Conservation regulations, transport of firewood from out of state and more than 50 miles away is no longer permitted, due to invasive insect infestations (the Emerald Ash Bore, in particular). These infestations originate in firewood and then necessitate the clearing of large tracks of forests. Firewood must now be purchased locally in the Adirondacks.

SEWER DISCHARGE: New York law prohibits the drainage of sink or shower water on ground. Please use dump stations. SEWER DONUTS or ELBOWS are mandatory for all sewer hook ups

PETS: Quiet dogs under control and on a leash are welcome at campsites. Please be considerate. CLEAN UP after your pet. Do not leave your pet unattended. No pets allowed in any building, on our boats or at our pools. Due to our insurance carrier’s recommendations we do not allow certain breeds or mixes of dogs on our property (Doberman Pincers, Pit Bull Terriers, or Rottweilers). Please visit our dog walk for your pet!

CHILDREN: Are to be supervised by their parents/grandparents. The adults are responsible for all the actions of their children. Please escort children under 10 to the bathrooms. Anyone under 17 must be back at their site by 10pm.

PLAYGROUND: Closes at dusk.

MESSAGES: Only emergency messages will be delivered to campsites, for other messages please check in office.

TRASH: Cans are located outside all bath houses.

RECYCLING: Required in New York and are located near trash cans. We recycle newspaper, glass, tin, aluminum and plastic. We appreciate your care in separating your trash into the proper recycling containers.

RESTROOMS & SHOWERS: Open 24 hours a day. Please have an adult with small children. We close our restrooms daily for cleaning. One bathhouse each section remains open at all times.

REFUNDS: NO refunds for shortened stays or delayed arrivals. We do not charge extra for sunshine and we do not refund for rain.

LAUNDRY HOURS: 100 Acres: 8am-10pm OFF season: 8am-9pm. Change machine located in each laundry room. Resort: open 24 hours.

POOLS: No lifeguard on duty.  Swim at your own risk.  Open 10:30 am to 8:00 pm. Pool rules are posted on the fence. Children MUST be accompanied by an adult. Children in diapers are not allowed in our pools.  There must be a minimum of 2 adults in the pool area at all times, one of whom must be out of the water.

SITES: There is a maximum # of people per site check with the office. Do not remove picnic tables from their sites. No grills or hibachi on tables without protection. Keep camping equipment/belongings within site boundaries.
Our water pressure is at least 100 pounds so water pressure reducers are STRONGLY recommended for RVs.
The management of North Pole Camping Resort and Inn assumes no responsibility for accidents, injuries or losses within the facility. Violation of rules or display of objectionable behavior may result in the termination of tenancy. Any termination will be at the discretion of the management and no refund will be given.

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January 16, 2018, 8:25 pm

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