The Story of Peter Penguin

The story of Peter Penguin

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By Michael Sweeney

First let’s get some facts about penguins and where they live straight. 1. Penguins live at the South Pole not the North Pole. Another fact – Penguins don’t usually wear mittens, hats and boots (that is of course unless you are Peter the Penguin) and last but not least the earth is divided in half by the equator. When it is winter in the Northern Hemisphere (where we live in N.Y.) it is summer in the Southern Hemisphere (where the South Pole is) Now that we have some basic information lets get on with the story.

Peter the Penguin was born at the South Pole and lived with his mother and father and lots of other penguins on the polar ice cap. Near where Peter lived was a scientific research station where scientists from all over the world came to study about the South Pole. Now it just so happens that the Air National Guard unit from Schenectady, N.Y. flies its big planes with supplies to the people at the South Pole.

When Peter was old enough to be on his own he decided that he was going to go to the North Pole because he had heard about a person called Santa Claus and he thought he should go and meet him. So when one of the big planes came with supplies for the scientists Peter very quietly went to the base and climbed into the big plane and hid among the cargo. The plane soon took off on its way back to its home base.

In the mean time Jim and Mary Ellin and their two daughters Beth and Hollie were on their way back from New Jersey and visiting family over the Christmas holidays. The family had stopped in Albany, N.Y. for some shopping and to eat and their big pick up truck with North Pole on the side and its license plate that says North Pole was sitting in the parking lot.

At the same time that the family was shopping and eating the plane with Peter had landed and when the big doors opened Peter was gone like a flash. This place he had landed was quite different than the South Pole there were cars

and people everywhere and it was quite scary for a penguin on his own. Peter dodged cars with honking horns and screeching brakes and made his way to the very place where the North Pole truck was parked. Peter could not believe his good fortune, a truck and it must be going to the North Pole. When Hollie and Beth came out of the store and Jim and Mary Ellin started putting all the goodies into the truck Peter just jumped in the confusion.

The trip back to Wilmington was quite uneventful. Peter slept amongst the luggage and presents and the girls slept in their seats and all was quiet. When the family plus 1 arrived at home it was late so everyone was hurrying to unload the truck. Jim stuck his arm deep into the back of the truck to pull out some presents and he grabbed Peter’s leg and gave him a pull. And what to everyone’s wondering eyes should appear but a penguin wearing a grin from ear to ear. Jim said OH MY!, Mary Ellin said OH Dear! Beth and Hollie let out a BIG CHEER!!

To make a very long story much shorter we will skip the part about how Peter got to stay here and go right to the fun things Peter got to do. Of course it was winter in the Adirondacks when Peter arrived so all the children and adults were wearing hats and gloves and mittens and boots. But for Peter this was his summer and he thought it was quite warm compared to the South Pole. Beth and Hollie loved to go to the hills in the 100 acre woods and slide and toboggan and ski. Of course in order to go outside and play Beth and Hollie had to wear their snow suits and hats and mittens and boots, and Mary Ellin being the good mother she is felt that it was necessary for Peter to wear a hat and mittens and boots to set a good example for the girls. (And that is why Peter is dressed as he is). Next chapter will be how the North Pole got its candy cane stripes!!

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January 16, 2018, 8:28 pm

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